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Welcome to the web site of Adventures Niagara. Our site began its development in mid 2004. We are working hard to add to the contents of the web site. This site will be continuously under construction as we find and develop more more useful resources and information. Our intention is not to be advertisers but to provide information to those who visit our web site.

There are many areas in the Niagara Region that contain interesting facts and places to visit. We Guestbook are a group of people that have taken the time to Adventure through Niagara and discover some interesting things that may not be known or available to visitors of the Niagara Region. Some of the places featured have actually been visited by the members of this web site. We have included many articles and information written by the web site members to provide you with valuable information on the various articles on the site. Click here or click on the About Our Site menu item to learn more about this site and the people involved.

Our Mission

American Falls Our mission is to provide a web site with information related to various locations, sites, people, attractions and resources in and around the Niagara Region. Our preferred feature of this site is the large number of photos we have included. As our site grows, so will the content that is included on this web site. The web site will be updated on a regular basis. Please take the time to explore the site and leave any comments or suggestions you may have. It is important that we have your feedback in order to know that we are on the right track with our site. We hope that you enjoy the site and the information that we provide. With the thousands of hours that has been put into our research, photography, and travel to provide the information on this site, we hope most of all that you find it useful and enjoyable during your visit to our site and that you will return often to enjoy the ongoing research that we are doing.

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It is important to us that our site remains simple in design and navigation. We have done this so that even those with older computers and slow internet connections can enjoy the site. The best way to handle navigation is to use the menu on the left side of the page. When you get lost in the site, simply click HOME to start over and go back to this page.

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We are always finding new information and updating this web site. We strongly recommend that you visit this site often to keep up to date. We have setup a mailing list that you can subscribe to. Find out more information about this by clicking here. We are also interested in your input therefore we have included an area where you can add your comments and questions.

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