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The Young Cemetery is located on Grassy Brook Rd, between McKenny & Moyer Roads. The easiest way to get to this location is to head west on Grassy Brook from Montrose Road.

The lot is approximately 100 feet by 100 feet square and has only a few stones with the first burial being that of Samuel Young who lived from 1811 to 1822. Samuel is the son of George and Rachel Young. This cemetery was part of the Young Farm which was purchased in 1806 by Daniel Young. The farm property has a connection to Hamilton's first murder mystery. The story states that Daniel's young son John and his grandson Christopher were accused of murdering farm employee Jesse Masters in 1827 in a coal-pit (kiln) on the farm property. After being tried, they were found not guilty and the family later succeeded in finding Jesse Masters alive and had taken up residence in New York State in 1830. Daniel's eldest son James F. Young in buried in this cemetery.

The cemetery is also known as Young-Misener, Misener, and Chippawa Creek Cemetery. The land was granted to George Young Sr. in 1798 who immigrated from Sussex County, New Jersey a few years previous. The property changed hands within the family and in 1876 the property was sectioned off with the portion containing the cemetery being owned by John Schafer. The Miseners who are buried in this cemetery are relatives through the marriage of Adam Young to Margaret, the eldest daughter of Nicholas & Jan (McClain) Misener. (Reference: The Ontario Genealogical Society, Niagara Peninsula Branch, 1997)

Overall the Cemetery is well kept. Many of the stones are still legible and in reasonably good condition considering their age with many of the deaths occurring in the early to mid 1800's. We have taken photos of the stones in the graveyard and have included these in the photoalbum.


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